Working at an airport would be fly

I’ve really been feeling like becoming a flight attendant in my spare time… (still trying to figure out where that spare time is tbh but I’m definitely digging the idea).

Flight attendants are so elegant and they just have this air to them *no pun intended* that make them look like they have everything under control.

flight attendant.jpg

I’d love to make other people feel safe behind my trolly of drinks and cookies the way flight attendants have helped me throughout my travels. Whether it was when they smiled as they passed by me, or whether it was by offering me more orange juice, they’re quite the inspiring bunch.  Especially when they walk around together like groupies with their little carry-ons, the ascots that complete their outfits, and the red lipstick, omg can I be you???

flight attendant gif.gif

One time, I fainted on a flight to the Netherlands (more like never lands though because I wasn’t sure I would make it alive). But, the flight attendant made me feel like I was not only going to live but become a whole new person after I survived the flight. She told me she used to get nauseous and that Gravol was her bff when it came to planes, trains or road trips as a young girl. But, there she was… 15 years later, being a flight attendant.

She inspired me to pursue the same thing because I want to get over my fear of planes and travel and unknown places. So what better way to do that than to suspend myself in an aircraft with no choice but to serve others despite my fears?

But, what’s prominent is that there are going to be things that encourage you to pursue a wild idea and things that do quite the opposite. I’ve gathered 2 lists; one of the pros and one of the cons of becoming a flight attendant. So if you’re on the same boat (or plane?) maybe this list will help you decide if you’d ever work as a flight attendant!

Here are the pros:

  • You get to travel
  • You get to dress up and look cute (or rather you have to which means something will always force me to make an effort to look good…considering how lazy I am on a daily basis)make up.gif
  • You get to have all the airplane cookies and snacks you want
  • You get to make good friends with your co-flight attendants because you can be stuck in a plane with them for 24-hour trips sometimesflight attendantss

And here are the cons:

  • It physically takes more energy to work in the sky
  • Your sleeping schedule is no longer a schedule
  • People may be disrespectful and rude to you
  • There may be language barriers between you and passengers
  • Your co-workers are always changing so it would be difficult to keep in touch

But regardless of the disadvantages of becoming a flight attendant, I think I’d still love to be one, or attempt to be one at least. Not only will I get benefits like travelling – which is my favorite thing in the world, but I’ll feel good about getting over my fears. Killing two birds with one stone, why not?



Have thoughts about the ones I shared above? Comment down below:

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