Why we need someone like Trump

My prof in my creative writing class today asked, “Why is silence sometimes sweeter than sound?” And having just gotten off Twitter from reading way too many depressing tweets, I was about to raise my hand to say, “If Trump was silent for the past 40 years, this morning would have been much sweeter.”

But that’s not true. We need Trump for all the right reasons. We need someone who can give us an idea of what needs fixing in this world. We need to wake up and realize people are everything we don’t want them to be. So, with that being said, based on this election you know that fear is winning against love. Hate is fuelling the fire. And, we continue to face the reality that people grow up to be unhappy and quick-tempered. Why?

Because we’re a broken world. A world that needs to grow up with values. With integrity. With compassion. Empathy. And, love.

Notice the louder Trump got, the louder we did too. If Obama was leading for the rest of our lives, we wouldn’t realize that there’s a huge problem with the mentality of our fellow citizens. The racism, misogyny, bigotry, you name it… would be pushed under the rug and everybody would walk through life pretending that everything is all okay. Well, it’s not.

We’ve grown up to hate anybody who has hurt us. We’ve grown up to believe anybody who is different from us is automatically in the wrong. What makes me so entitled to think I deserve to be accepted more than anybody else? Our ego is just as big as Trump’s, we just all do a better job at containing it & putting it in its place.

I see how everyone feels today. I see how fearful we all are; how utterly confused and shocked we are. But, I urge everyone not to lose faith. Carrying any intolerance or hate towards somebody with equal worth as me would make me exactly like Trump and his supporters.

I will not unfriend my Trump-supporting friends.

I will not judge the older white man on the bus.

I will not go around pointing out what is wrong with humanity.

Instead, I choose to listen.

I choose to understand.

I choose to love.

I choose to make a difference.

I apologize to any Trump supporters reading this. My least intention is to make you feel like I am devaluing your political views and electoral decisions. That is not my intention at all. I know you probably have valid reasons as to why you chose him over Hillary.

My point is dedicated to the people mourning, especially the youth who are now old enough to understand what just happened. I don’t remember when 9/11 happened because I was way too young, and I was never around when Hitler took over an entire population. But now, I am old enough to feel some way after realizing that the American people are divided. We are a broken people; fearful of foreigners, fearful of differences, fearful of being wrong.

I just also want to point out that this younger generation is love-filled and I believe in that wholeheartedly. My students are beautiful young beings who can’t wait to grow up. My friends are intelligent young people who want to change things for the better – always. My co-workers want to make sure people are treated fairly, everywhere.

Also, when you see a picture like this going around of young white men:

Screenshot_20161109-102058 (1).png

Please don’t give in to it just because it comes from a well known and highly-regarded media outlet.

This is what the millennial vote actually looked like:


Now that the true colours are in the light, let us use it to our advantage. We have a foot in the door as to how we can make a true change. Youngsters, give it time, put in the work, and love everyone you come across.

These outrageous things that make everybody uncomfortable and shake us to our core are what grow us. Gold has to be doused in flames to be refined. And I think we’re a golden people. ❤️



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