VIDEO: Camping but not really – A day in the life of a Meso refugee

After last week’s elections, a number of  Americans from what I’ve noticed seem to want to hop in to their cars on a one-way road trip to Canada ASAP. The persecution is unbearable to the point that it would be dangerous or even impossible to live in the geographic location they call home. Also see: what is a refugee.

My friends and I know all too much about refugees, because we’re from Iraq and Syria. And, at York, we care about human rights. That’s why I want to shed some light on ACSSU. Now I’m not tryna AKS U a question when I talk about ACSSU. LOL I tried…

But for real, I’m talking about the Assyrian Chaldean Syriac Student Union. They’re an organisation that stands up for the voiceless people of Iraq and Syria; the refugees.

They support and reach out to the displaced people of Iraq and Syria because of the life-threatening inequalities they are facing today. ISIS has forced them to leave everything behind because they refuse to sacrifice their faith in Christ. Some families have been stripped down to their last penny or last pill of medication that they own, which are meant to keep them alive. Mesopotamians, otherwise known as Iraqis and Syrians today, have been refugees for years now because of their faith.

Also, side note… I’m not trying to downplay the situation in the States by making this issue seem more important – it was an anecdote, I promise. This is just feels all too familiar for myself and the people I know so I had to touch on the topic.


It’s not to make you feel sorry for refugees.

It’s not to beg you to accept them in Canada.

And, it’s not to remind you that “there are more important issues to worry about than your 1st world problems”.

This cause is trying to help everyone better understand the conditions in the Middle East and the atrocities people are facing – which are becoming more and more important to be aware of today. It’s a “put yourself in their shoes” type of thing.

Volunteers from chapters at York, McMaster, Ryerson, Brock, and the University of Toronto, are at Ryerson and McMaster camping out for 4 days straight this week. They are sacrificing school, work, food (unless donated), and family life, in order to spread awareness about the realities Iraqis and Syrians live on a daily basis. It’s called Life of a Mesopotamian Refugee. Check out the vlog below that I had the privilege of shooting last night on their first day. You can do your part if you’d like to support the cause through donations, by spreading awareness, or just by expressing your interest to learn more.


Huge thank you for watching and for taking a couple of minutes out of your day to better understand what is happening in the world today, especially since this topic hits home.

If you want to learn more, be sure to reach out. You can also always check out ACSSU at the Keele campus – especially this week. And, here’s a website that might help.

Have a blessed day!





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