I am homeless and apparently so are you #whyareYUhere

Yes, I may have just called you homeless. BUT. Before you start throwing shade (or shelter my way… depending on the type of person you are since I’m also homeless), let me explain. I am not homeless – I am blessed to be living under a roof with heat – though sometimes it’s a battle to use our furnace because I’m scolded for not wanting to wear layers inside the house.

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I’m going to try to do a cross-reference post this week between the theme “Why are you at York?” or rather #whyareYUhere and between a lesson I learned in my sociology course – which is constantly challenging me to question what is man and why am I here?  

I’ll try to lessen the weight and avoid steering towards the meaning of my existence… because that’s a whole other post. Though, I’ve been doing some of my readings for this class (keyword, some if I’m being totally honest) and boy has it given me insight as to why I should be educating myself about the world. So with some inspiration of this lesson and with a little bit of insight of my own, I’ll attempt to answer the question: “what brings you here?” Specifically what brings me to York University.

P.S. The course is 2660 SOCI Perspectives on Human Nature so if you ever want to accompany me in that class through our shadow program, hit me up and I’ll help you go about it!


Let’s dissect this a little bit. So according to Martin Buber, a 20th century philosopher, we have been shifting from an epoch of habitation (comfort) to homelessness for the past 300 years.

Here’s a table of what that means:

Epoch of habitation

Epoch of homelessness

– Sense of meaning

– Integrated meaning system that tells people meaning of life

– Values you can orient yourself on

– One shared faith (religion)

– Question of man does not arise

– No loose cords

-Problem/threat of meaninglessness

-Too many answers

-Pluralism of faiths/no-faiths

-Deep questioning and exploration of self

-Pervasive feeling of doubt, alienation, solitude, loneliness, even chaos

-Sense that something important is missing

And apparently, these two epochs cannot co-exist – it’s either one or the other that we are living in.

I believe I’m at York University studying under a Liberal Arts degree in order to gain the knowledge I need to better understand the world we live in today.

I’d like to believe I’ve been placed here for a reason; that whatever happened in the past year+ was everything that was meant to happen. Choosing any other path could have changed my life in a way I probably cannot even begin to imagine. If I was on my way to another university right now, I probably wouldn’t be writing this post. I definitely wouldn’t be on the bus heading back home from a job that I’m absolutely blessed to have now. I would barely be pursuing French in an environment that promotes it. And, I genuinely don’t think I would be who I am today.

Not that I have anything against any other universities and I’m not trying to say I’m placing my identity in the school I attend. I just know I wouldn’t have had the same opportunities for personal growth had I chosen a different path. Perhaps I may have gotten different opportunities that would’ve had a minor or heck maybe an even bigger impact on me. But looking back now, everything that happened was meant for my growth at that specific time, in that specific way. And, I believe this whole heartedly.

So how did I get here?

HA, if I had a nickel for every time I asked myself that during exam season… I’d be able to pay off my tuition, no problem.

16-year old me saw that York University would cater to my passions when I was in high school – exploring the idea of university. Education, French, and human rights; they were all at the top of my list. I wanted to pursue education to become a teacher (and still do) because I believe that education changes people.

I mean if the printing press was invented during the Renaissance, I believe that education = rebirth/new & improved outlooks on life.

I also believe children need mentors who could show them that they are loved and appreciated despite whatever may be going on at home. And, that our differences are what makes the classroom so bright and beautiful. With that being said, Glendon’s bilingual BEd program really stuck out to me!

Before looking into Glendon for their program though, I actually got lost there when I was looking for my sweet 16 venue… Bayview and Lawrence should win for the most complicated intersection in the world. I didn’t even know Glendon Campus existed at the time.

Me: Whoa, this is York University???

I look back now and thank God I got lost hoping to celebrate my sweet 16 because that accidental visit prompted me to look into Glendon. Here I am about to celebrate my bittersweet 19, 3 years later, and I’m more in love with York University and the community today than I was a year ago.

I hope I linked the lesson I learned in my sociology class successfully to the reason I’m at York and I hope I helped you understand my reasons for pursuing an education!


I guess I’m looking for some kind of truth and apparently I’ve been led to find it at York University for the time being. Stay tuned though, I’m just as lost as you.

P.S. Use the hashtag #whyareYUhere on social media to read about the journies of my beautiful fellow eAmbassadors!



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