19 things to do before hitting 20

Turning 19 is apparently a milestone because you’ve just become mature enough to make alcoholic choices in the eyes of society and well, law. I’m sure there’s more to being 19 than the legality though, especially if you’re not much of a drinker.

19 is one year closer to 20… which means soon enough I won’t be able to blame my bad choices on the fact that the word “teen” is in my age. But hello!? New year of life to totally mess up & learn from? Let’s get it!!

Here’s a couple of things we 19 year olds should aim to do by the time December 2k17 rolls around, and I write this for you to hold me accountable:

1. Find a new and spontaneous job/side hustle

One you’ve never done/thought you could do.

2. Visit the Bruce Peninsula north of Ontario

bruce peninsula.jpg
Look at this beauty!!!

3. Get your G2/G

4. And once you’ve got your G2… ROAD TRIP with your best pals 

road trip.gif

5. Move out for at least 4 months straight without going back to your parents’

I tried to make it on my own for about a month and a half this year and retreated right back to my parents’ place (because I was basically on the verge of starving every night – who has time to cook!? HOw!?)

adult life.gif

6. Read a challenging book you’ve always wanted to read

That’s the bible for me personally, front to back.

7. Join a sport’s team

Does not have to be competitive, maybe even take dance classes!

8. Go a week without your phone/social media

9. Talk to 100 different, extraordinary, new, enlightening, beautiful, broken, passionate, people 

All at once or individually totalling 100 people by the end of the year.

10. Travel abroad

For an internship to do with education or human rights (a personal preference)!

11. Check out a new province in Canada

@ Explore, I’m looking at you.

(Watch below to see what happened this past summer in Manitoba)




12. Read 10 books

Not including that challenging one you were supposed to read.

13. Exercise every day then run a marathon

LOL jk.gif

This was made number 13 unintentionally but it’s clearly a foreshadowing of luck… or rather lack of it… LOL kidding, anything is possible!!

14. Go camping

Ya girl’s never done it

15. Make a short film

16. Campaign for a cause you really care about  

17. See a musical

18. Throw a surprise party (like a really good one)

19. Listen to your mom more


I’m going to get a head start on that last one and get back to studying! But, I bet you don’t need to be a mom to know that if you don’t study you will fail your tests *flashback to yesterday when I got back a horrible mark back in a class I thought I was doing well in* But I mean at least my prof said I smelled nice, so I guess we cool.

Best of luck this exam season y’all, just remember the first week of January is syllabus week, so it gets better! Let’s all sleigh the 2k16 semester ❤️




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