14 thoughts that go through my head on an average TTC commute

I wrote this on the bus because I was like, “I wonder if other people have these thoughts too..” (which counts as one of the thoughts that go through my head on the bus). Here’s a couple others that pop up on an average commute to work, school, or to life’s callings! Maybe you have them too:

1. “How do you have the energy to commute in a cute outfit like that?”


2. “I’ve developed a crush on this bus driver”

3. “I hope they didn’t think I moved away to this seat because I didn’t like them over there.”


4. “Omg did they just move away because of me?”


5. “Dang girl that highlight on fleeeeek.”

6. “If I pretend I’m not listening they won’t know that I’m actually listening.”

7. “This man has been on this bus ride since I got on oh my God he’s following me, that’s it, today’s the day.”


8. “I went to high school with them, should I say hi?”

9. “Did I miss my stop? Oh wait lol I’m getting off at the station.”


10. “I don’t like this song but do I really want to reach into my pocket to change it??”

11. “If I fall asleep somebody is going to steal my phone and book it out the door.”

12. *Googles the book the person sitting in front of me is reading to try to get to know them without knowing them*

13. “Did she give that other lady cut eye or is that just her face I can’t tell”

14. “Is my music too loud? *takes out earphones to check*”


You’ve learnt at this point that a commute is basically a lot of self-reflecting and making sure nobody hates me. If some of these resonated with you, now you know you’re not alone. Feel free to add some of your own in the comment section below!



Have thoughts about the ones I shared above? Comment down below:

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