A Toronto-based (free) activity to do for each day of the week for students

You probably know I have a lot of time on my hands right now, which means I have a lot more reason to get out of my academic bubble and do other things, without feeling like I should be somewhere more important.

The great thing about going to school in the city is being in the city. I love Toronto. It’s the kinder New York, the less expensive Vancouver. The way people appreciate each others’ differences, the way we can bask in culture – our own and that of our friends – and the way want to learn more about the diversity around us.

I commend our city for having some sort of mercy on us as students when it comes to experiential learning AKA educational opportunities outside the classroom… AKA famous museums, attractions, or activities we get to learn from for free.

In honour of receiving the gift of time the past couple weeks, here’s an activity I thought I’d share that you can do in Toronto when you’re a university student – one for every day of the week! (Make sure you have your student card with you!)


The CBC Museum – Admission is generally free Monday-Friday for everyone but what better way to start your week than to explore how the media you’ll be consuming or using all week was once used?? I think that’s pretty cool.

Screen Shot 2018-03-26 at 6.19.52 PM.png
Photo by CBC

But if world history is more your thing, thank God for Tuesdays:


The Royal Ontario Museum – Free all day for students!

Perfect for days where want to take a break from reading a book on your couch. At the ROM you can read while walking! Exercise while becoming an academic? Best-looking scholar ever.

Seriously though, bring a friend too and discover more about this world together! Or get into a debate with them about history when you pass by Rome if you’re feeling bored.


The Art Gallery of Ontario – Free general admission on Wednesdays from 6-9pm!

And, it’s also free to participate in cool activities after 3pm from Tuesday-Friday for students aged 14-25. Check them out here! (I’d so love to learn how to turn my old clothes into new ones through the art of sewing. Save me some $$$)

Other examples:

Screen Shot 2018-03-26 at 5.51.33 PM.png


The Canadian Opera Company – WAIT! Before you scroll past this one because it says Opera, you can actually attend a free concert from a variety of genres! It looks like most performances are scheduled for Thursdays but there’s more dates coming up this week and in the month of May! Check out their schedule. Make it a date night!

(Also, you don’t necessarily have to be a student for this one.)


Ok I’m gonna leave Friday empty because students always seem to have plans on Fridays so I’m not wasting no time sharing cool ideas. But I mean msg me if you don’t have plans one of these Fridays, we can hang out at a book store or volunteer or something ❤


Tai Chi at STC – Free in the mornings if you’re a university student in need of meditation. It’s an awesome way to learn about a new culture, too!

It’s open to everyone, every day, but I’m looking at Saturday because I think it’s when most of us need a little weekend refresher. Maybe bring your mom to try it with you too!


Now, if Sunday is more of your refresher-day you’re in luck because a famous Toronto activity is complimentary at STC on Sunday mornings, too: YOGA! If you clicked on the link for Tai Chi above and scrolled down because you were curious to see more events, you’re one step ahead of the game my friend: click Yoga now to see where, when, and how it happens at the mall!

Enjoy, friends!!

That’s all for this week’s post – a week’s worth of activities to keep yourself busy. I hope you check one of ’em out this Spring! Tag me if you do 🙂



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