Hey there! I’m Amanda.

🌍 Iraqi-Christian chicka living in the West. (Hence the name of the blog in Arabic: Maktoub – meaning “It is written.”)
💬 Speaker of 3 languages.
✈️ Non-stop traveller through life because baba moved around with the UN when I was a kid and I’ve grown used to the idea of travelling, moving, and finding a home within, rather than a physical space.

What are my passions?

Writing, reading, talking, eating, hiking, but activities usually have to be enveloped with meeting new people, hearing their stories, and making people feel heard and loved. I’m also passionate about Jesus. Human rights. Mental Health. Tea. Baking. Fashion. Education. My dog. Film. Indie-folk. (With a side of rap if I’m feeling gangsta that day.)

What am I doing with life right now?

I’m kinda in school, kinda not. I’m one online-course away from finishing my Bachelor of Arts in French Studies, while working as a French teaching assistant.

Taking life day by day, but join my existential crisis every so often why don’t you?

Why did I get into writing?

I take to writing because it causes both chaos and calm in my soul, all at once. It helps me deconstruct my thoughts and feelings while rebuilding myself back up.

I found out I enjoy writing when I was on the floor of my grandmother’s first apartment in Canada, writing out ideas on the pro’s and con’s of driving. My 10 year-old-self didn’t even know what a driver’s license was at the time. (I genuinely thought the blinker noise in the car was the GPS.)

Now I live with writing because it’s a good friend. It’s one that’s there for you in both joy and sadness, in both anger and ease. I write about anything and everything that inspires me, and I try to provoke people with ideas.

What influences you in your writing?

I’m influenced by my faith, family, passion, languages, culture, friends, etc… anything that makes up who we are as humans.

Where are you right now?

Currently writing from Quebec. Will hopefully be here for a little while healing my soul and processing life as it happens.

Thanks for checking out my blog and wanting to learn more!

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